I'm an entrepreneur who lives with a beautiful Slovenian women (Petra) and the proud step-father of two gorgeous cats (Marcel & Hellen). Currently based in Dubai, we travel a lot between Slovenia and the UAE as we work and live in both countries.

As with most 35 year olds in 2018, I do a lot of things and my time is divided between my mind wondering in all directions and finding the time to follow my mind. Over the last few years, I have the opportunity to set up a couple of businesses, two in Dubai and one in France.

My companies are now running themselves and I am lucky to now be able to focus on what I love doing which is videography and web design,

As a videographer, I love filming people. Capturing their emotions, the look, the stare, those special moments, is something I am continuously looking to capture. Despite not having done any weddings, I am currently working on becoming a wedding videographer. This is where I feel that I can truly express my love for video.

Everything I have learned up till now is by researching and doing it myself. From web-design, to marketing through to videography, I have found that by learning to do it myself, I have saved money produced better results and been able to adapt to change a lot quicker.

If you are looking for a videographer, need a website created, or just want to chat about a possible collaboration, feel free to book a time in my calendar by using the button above. I will be more than happy to give you a call when the moment suits you best!

Companies I have set up

Speak Language Institute

I set up Speak Language Institute in Dubai in 2014 with my business partner Richie Lewis. Nearly 5 years later, we are considered to be one of the top language training institute in Dubai and regularly have over 100 students per mon th coming through our doors.
Learn more about Speak here

Grapes & Corks

Grapes & Corks specialises in wine tours in Burgundy France. We work with locale vineyards and organise 1 to 5-day tours for tourists visiting France.
Learn more about Grapes & Corks here


Lands is still currently being developed. This project is the combination of two people, John Marsland and myself. We both have a deep passion for photography and videography and decided to team up in 2018 to create a wedding photography / videography service.
Learn more about LANds here
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